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HITACHI refrigerators

A valuable brand.

Founded in 1910, Hitachi has always followed and applied the values ​​of its mission (harmony, sincerity, pioneering spirit), growing and becoming one of the most advanced technological companies in the world.
Immersed in the rich history of quality electronics, Hitachi's eco-friendly refrigerators combine the best of Japanese technology with sophisticated design. For example, the exclusive Platinum Catalyst patent, used in the Vacuum system, creates an optimal environment for preserving the freshness of food. Together with the VIP system (Vacuum Insulation Panel technology), the cold air is efficiently and evenly distributed, thus preventing food dehydration. Our technology is constantly improving and the Hitachi Auto Door Touch Screen Controller system once again lays the foundation for a smart home.
At Hitachi, we work together for a better future for you.

Hitachi's innovative vacuum compartment

This is how our vacuum compartment works!
Watch the video:

French Bottom Freezer

Hitachi has a particular attention to the technology since ever. The Bottom Freezer series products are the ultimate choice for your kitchen.
Watch the model R-WB640VRU0 video: